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March 02, 2023

BHM Industrial Limited

About us

BHM Industrial Limited is a professional service provider of tipping paper for tobacco industry. More precisely, we serve manufacturers and dealers involved with cigarette, kretek, and electronic cigarette, with designing, plate making, and tipping paper supplying.

BHM Industrial Limited has been working closely with customers, paying attention to products’ performance, listening to end users’ feedback, thus improving quality of products and services by continuous research and innovation.

Through 28 years of persisting improvement. BHM has built experienced R&D team and production team, ready to respond to client’s specific request.

BHM Industrial Limited is equipped with multi-color printing machines, for different bobbin sizes of raw materials, hot stamping machines for 2 colors, perforation machines, slitting machines for various roll sizes, and re-rolling machines,

With 28 years of experience serving Chinese cigarette manufacturer, and 15 years for customers abroad. BHM has won trust and recognition all over the world, while our major market being South Eastern Asia, East Europe, North America, and the Middle East.


White Tipping Paper

- Cork Tipping Paper

- Colorized Tipping Paper

- Hot Foil Stamping Tipping Paper

- Pearly / Pearlized Tipping Paper

- Perforated Tipping Paper

- Printed Tipping Paper